Steel bar bundle binder

Construction features

Steel bar bundle binder

The steel bar bundle binder ties the bundles with a single or double tight loop of wire rod, or a double slack loop.
The base and the structure of the binding machine are built in sturdy welded metal. The compact shape of the machine makes it vibration-free. The vertical carriage slides along guides built in special steel by means of wheels with bearings.

The various facilities move via hydraulic actuators, controlled by solenoid valves and relative power pack.
The binder is also equipped with a tightening device, which tightens the bundle with levers before binding, it gives the bundle at optimum shape for binding.
The electrical components, electronics and hydraulics, with which the machines are equipped, are chosen from the products of best manufacturers on the international market.


binding machines for binding items

Binding cycle time: approximately 9 seconds
Dimensions of bundle to be bound: Min Ø 120 mm; max. Ø 400 mm
Wire Rod Binding: steel with a low carbon content, hot-rolled with the following physical-mechanical characteristics:

Diameter: 5.5 to 7 mm.

Tolerance: ± 0.3 mm

Tensile strength: 40 kg / mm2
Yield strength: 28 kg / mm2
Elongation: min. 30%

Central hydraulic motor power: 11 kW
Motor for circulation pump: 1.1 kW
Heat exchanger motor: 0.7 kW
Fuel tank capacity: 250 l
Pump capacity: 50 litres / minute

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