pneumatic binder

Construction features

pneumatic binder

The pneumatic binding machine binds bundles of small dimensions with a simple tight loop of annealed wire rod with a diameter of 2 to 2.5 mm.
The LFF binder has been designed for battery use, i.e. a series of two or more units controlled by one electronic device.
In this way a number of binds are performed on the bundle at the same time, allowing it to be quickly evacuationed.

The machine is equipped with fixing plates so it can be mounted on runways and supporting frames or, like all OMV binders, it can be mounted on a structure according to the requirements of the customer.

Technical features

Brescia pneumatic binding machine

Binding cycle time: approximately 4 seconds
Dimensions of bundle to be bound: min. Ø 30 mm - max Ø 130 mm
Binding wire: annealed steel with a low carbon content
Diameter: 2 to 2.5 mm
Working pressure: 5 to 6 bar
Air consumption: 60 l / min. at 6 bar

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