Evacuation systems for steel industry

automatic evacuation solutions

impianto evacuazione

OMV, based in Brescia, Italy, is a leader in the design and manufacture of systems for automated handling in the steel industry, creating complete evacuation systems, to be positioned downstream of the cooling plate, rolling or straightening device.

These machines incorporate advanced technologies and techniques, fundamental to ensuring good results for the entire production system, that help you manage all material handling devices with great precision and create a high yield automated line.


OMV also manufactures handling plants for wire rod production rollers, which also convey the rolls onto vertical or horizontal axes (the latter is a particularly advantageous solution as it allows the wire rod to cool more uniformly before it arrives in the pressing-binding area).

The plant, provided with electronic control equipment and system management panel, comprises the following units, in general:

  • Coil former
  • Coil conveyor pallet
  • Motorised roller benches to convey the pallets
  • Motorised roller benches for for rotating and tilting the pallets;
  • Bound roll conveyor
  • Collection bin

Years of experience gained in this field mean OMV is able to manufacture the evacuation system for the steel industry that suits the specific production needs of the customer.

To receive more information or request a quote, please contact the company in Brescia on telephone number +39 030 2711371.

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