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Venturini srl has been operating in the national and international markets in the steel sector since 1969, dealing with the design and construction of machines and equipment for handling and packaging bars or rolls of wire rod.

The company is the world's leading manufacturer of binders for square section packages, compactors, binders for wire rod coils, machines for binding straight bundles of round steel, pneumatic or hydraulic machines for bundles of rods, machines for bending and binding bent bundles, machines for binding wire rod coils, evacuation systems and conveyors.

For additional information about the company, please contact us on +39 030 2711371, or by filling out the contact form below.
The offices and warehouses of OMV srl are located in Italy, Via Faini 3/e, Bovezzo (BS).

OMV srl

Via Faini, 3/e, 25073 BOVEZZO (BS) Italy
VIA Delle Moie, 4-25073 Bovezzo (BS) Italy


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