Coil press binder

Construction features

coil press binders

The coil press binding machine is composed of a number of units constructed in sturdy, electro-welded sheet steel.
All the carpentry units are subject to weld stress relieving heat treatment and then they are sandblasted to make the surface more suitable for painting.
The carriages slide along guides made of special stainless steel by means of wheels with bearings. All the mechanical components that are in contact with the binding wire rod are constructed in special anti-wear stainless steel and undergo heat treatment appropriate to their function.

The varoius facilities are moved hydraulic actuators, controlled by solenoid valves and relative power pack.
The electrical control and management equipment is assembled using components chosen from the products of the best manufacturers on the international market, to ensure greater product reliability for our customers.

This machine is suitable to packaging medium and large coils.
The coils in this case must be transported vertically by a pallet system, driven by motorised rollers. When the pallet carries the coil to the binding station, it lowers and deposits the coil on a pressing plate.

The upper pressing plate lowers pressing the coil against the lower plate. The 4 binding units move radially towards the coil and complete their binding cycle.
Once binding is complete, the upper pressing plate is raised and the pallet returns to the level of the conveyor line. The coil is then evacuationed from the compactor and conveyed in the automated transport system.
The machine can be equipped with two or four binder units, able to perform high-resistance parallel and flat nodes.

Technical features

Binding machines for the press

Pressing force: 10 to 40 tonnes

Coil size: internal diameter 800 mm, External 1,400 mm
Maximum initial coil height: 3,500 mm
Minimum final coil height: 800 mm
Diameter bound wire rod: 5.5 / 7 mm;
Cycle time: 40 second
Total weight: 42 tons.

4 pumps 60 + 60 l / min. (+ 1 standby pump)
4 30 kW motors (+ 1 stand-by motor)


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