Binding machines for the steel industry

Binding plant

Binding machines for the steel industry

OMV in Brescia, Italy, is a company established worldwide in the design and manufacture of binding machines, handling plant and packaging systems, in particular for the steel industry (rolling and drawing plants).

Its decades of experience gained in the field allows the company from Lombardy to provide the customer with completely customised solutions, installing where necessary the complete evacuation plant downstream of the cooling plate, the rolling equipment or the straightening machines.

Binding material

OMV has always been involved in the search for highly reliable, innovative technologies to prevent the binding machine, generally installed at the end of a more complex system, adversely affecting the efficiency of the entire system.

OMV machines employ steel wire rod with a low carbon content as binding material (diameter of between 2 and 8 mm, depending on use).

To ensure the highest binding quality, OMV also pays great attention to how the material looks and optimises the efficiency and the precision of all the devices that withdraw the binding material from the cooling plate and carry it to the binding and outlet areas.

Per garantire la massima qualità della legatura, O.M.V. presta inoltre grande attenzione alle condizioni in cui il materiale si presenta, ottimizzando l’efficienza e la precisione di tutti quei dispositivi che prelevando il materiale da legare dalla placca di raffreddamento, lo trasportano nella zona di legatura e di scarico.

The range of binders available

The company in Lombardy produces the following types of binding machines:

  • Frame packer
  • Col press
  • Steel bar bundler
  • Bent beam binder
  • Pneumatic binder
  • Fixed coil binder
  • for wire rod coils.

For more information on the various handling systems and output provided by OMV, you can contact the company on the phone number +39 030 2711371.

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