Steel bar bundle binder

OMV produces round steel bars and deals with the provision of specialised machinery such as binders for bundles of round bars.

Frame pack binder

The OMV binders are designed to be more reliable and wear resistant than average.

Coil press binder

The coil press binder is composed of a number of units constructed in sturdy electrically welded sheet steel.

Wire rod coil binder

Customers can rely on OMV's experience to find the most suitable binder to satisfy their needs.

Pneumatic binder

The machine lends itself to binding small bundles with a simple turn of tight annealed wire rod with a diameter of 2 ÷ 2.5 mm.

Bent beams binder

This machine is installed above the bending machine and is equipped with two binding heads.

Officine Meccaniche Venturini

Binding and evacuation equipment
for the steel industry

OMV, Officine Meccaniche Venturinihas been operating in the national and international market of the steel industry since 1969, it specialises in the design and construction of machines and equipment for handling and packaging wire rod bars or coils. A world leader in the production of binders for binding square section bundle binders, compactors, strapping machines for coils of wire rod, machines for binding straight bundles of round steel, pneumatic or hydraulic machines and much more.

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